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Two Great Shows currently on display thru Oct. 27

Three Generations...

Celebrating the artistic lineage of Red Wing Arts Association Patriarch Larry Veeder


A bold example of how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree


Red Wing Arts Association hosts a collaborative show highlighting the works of the Larry Veeder family.


A native of North Dakota, Larry Veeder currently spreads his time between his home in Red Wing, and homes in Montana and Arizona. He devoted his energy to establishing Red Wing Arts Association with Marge Vogel. The Veeder Gallery is named in his honor.


Over the years, Larry’s work has taken many turns. He says, “In my travel/sketch trips across America, western and landscape subjects have been of great interest to me, yet, I can also be inspired by a still life or a few flowers in my backyard.


Three Generations is the first time Larry’s work has been displayed with his daughter’s and granddaughter’s work in an exclusive show. “Red Wing Arts Association is pleased to recognize the immense talent in this family who have done so much for Depot Gallery,” says Dan Guida, Executive Director, RWAA.

The second generation featured is Larry’s daughter, Julia Crozier. Julia is an artist who has been painting and drawing all of her life, mostly living near the Mississippi River but always drawing inspiration from wherever she is living or traveling. Julia's mediums and styles have varied considerably throughout the years.


Julia has been co-owner of two galleries with studios. The first was the Big River Studio and Gallery in Bellevue, Iowa in the 1990's. When she and her family moved back to Winona, Minnesota she eventually opened the Blue Heron Studio and Gallery which she ran until 2012.


She has sold her work at outdoor shows, gallery exhibits, acquired public art commissions and she has painted many murals and illustrated books. Julia continues to paint daily at her current home studio in Rochester, Minnesota where she lives with her husband Bill. They have three daughters who continue the artistic tradition in their own ways.


Lastly, the Third Generation is four of Larry Veeder’s granddaughters. Alice Crozier, Bridget Miles and Theresa Crozier (daughters of Julia Crozier) and Andrea Beaudry (daughter of Kathy Boos). 


Each of the granddaughters has her own story to tell about the importance of art in her life.


“This show will truly be a treat to visitors. It isn’t often a family tradition of art is so well represented,” says Arlene Roth, Assistant Director. She encourages the public to view the unique variety of artwork created by the family members.


African Butterfly Art – brings nature to the artworld


You’ve never seen anything like this!


Red Wing Arts Association hosts an exclusive collection of artwork created from African butterfly wings.


It is important to note that no butterflies were killed to create the art. The insects had reached the end of their life cycle among the hard rock cliffs surrounding small stream beds in southwestern Africa.


The locals have developed a unique cottage industry of art created from the wings. Funds derived from these sales help to pay for food, water and other basic necessities for the villagers.


The male members of the local villages carefully collect the butterflies and bring them to the village women who use the spent wings to create magnificent artistic designs. Each finished artwork is a hand-made original created with amazing patience, delicacy and understanding. The work of these artists allows the natural beauty of exotic butterflies to live on long after their natural death.


“This is definitely a show you will want to visit right away. We showed a sample of the artwork at a volunteer meeting last week and the response was overwhelming,” says Dan Guide, Executive Director of Red Wing Arts Association. “If you wait too long, we may be sold out!”


Red Wing Arts Association seeks to share unique artwork each year from indigenous communities. In 2013, the Guatemalan Rug Show highlighted the work of women in a coop in Guatemala. If you have ideas for future shows, please email or call 651.388.7569.